Video Email, Video Newsletter, Video Conferencing, Vid Chat, etc.

A video email is a combination of traditional email with video (inside the text). Continue reading and see samples at the bottom!!!

Video email is perfect for exclusive offers, promotions, demonstrations of new products or services, share testimonies, greeting, gratitude and to thank in a special way. Your company can bring to life your business and get to attract, retain and reward customer loyalty; through Email marketing campaigns. If your company is considering implementing in its marketing strategy these tools for video campaigns, just contact us.

Email is BEST in VIDEO. Create a striking video message using the spectacular library with more than 1000 templates ready for use and in several languages​​. You have only to load / save your video, choose a theme and SEND. Simple but very effective!


We develop video email marketing campaigns;

We can prepare animated Videos;

We create templates for your Video Email campaigns;

We also help you purchase a toolkit and have all the templates in one place. 

  • Sample Video - Email Marketing For Businesses

We help you get these answers:

1. Differentiate yourself from the competition;
2. Make email marketing campaigns;
3. Boost your brand by Video email campaigns;
4. Generate traffic to your website;
5. With a click you offer the most relevant info for your business (With videos, emails, smart phone-compatible and social networks), attracting the attention of others;
6. Video email will facilitate the relationship with your customers ( with your offers, promotions or services). 
7. Create and develop your own marketing using more than 1,000 pre-designed video-templates adapted for every occasion.

Start with as little as Frw. 200,000 or just Frw. 100,000 once and then Frw. 10,000 every month.

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