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STATA Course - All Levels

You will enjoy studying this.

Click on titles to start watch content.

The entire course is totally online and completely free.

You just pay for admission, facilitation and certification.

You will have two weeks to do the course and an exam at the end when ready.

Good luck!!!

The following links will take you videos of individual Stata tutorials. The other links are to downloadable text which should be opened within the Stata programme.

[Download the demo data file]

You have 5 Chapters which you can do in 5 hours or days depending on your availability.

Please plan accordingly.

1. Introduction and basic housekeeping

2. Manipulating data

3. Descriptive analysis Univariate (one variable at a time)

4. Bivariate (exploring relationships between pairs of variables)

5. Inferential statistical analyses 

With a continuous responses or dependent variable   

6. With a categorical response or dependent variable

When you have finished the course and ready for an exam which leads to a certificate, please send text to +250788427626