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Gestoria R. Consult.

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Money Making Through Online Content Creation

In this article we discuss how to accumulate cryptocurrencies (eMoney) by simply creating content online.

We may be blogging, posting or engaging our audience online and still get dollars from our text, video or audios each and every time people like what we are sharing.

The following are the steps one should take in order to join and gain from SteemIt.

Start by opening an account on Steemit ->Click here if you're an individual.

Click here if you're a blogger, a website owner, a company or a press/media house

>Then open an account on so you can share your videos (just like on youtube but this time you will be paid for the likes you get!

>Then if you also do video broadcasting, open an account on so that the live broadcasts you create and/or share can generate profits for you.

>Additionally if you're into sound creation, open an account on so that every time you upload an audio file and it gets likes you can get dollars from that.

Last but not least, remember that all your accounts above are linked on steemit and every steem dollar you get can be withdrawn and exchanged into real dollars or other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Check how to get started on welcome

When you get coins and you want to cash them out, you may click here to proceed.

Here's a reminder about Cryptocurrencies

Criptocurrencies are digitally exchangeable currencies based on Cryptography. This means that they employ exhaustive methods of mathematically-based encryption. 

Cryptocurrencies operate independently of a Central Bank, that is, they do not have any type of regulation, as is the case with Euro or Dollar currencies. They use a transaction verification system without the need of third parties, which is known as P2P.

Another important feature is that most cryptocurrencies are usually open source, which allows security and confidence to the user. There are hundreds of cryptocurrencies and more and more are emerging but we will try to focus on Bitcoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Ormeus Coin and Ethereum.

Click the link below to open an account where to change your eMoney with cash, Mobile Money, Bank transfers or any other cryptocurrency.

Note: On SteemIt you only get paid to write/post & comment but if you want to get paid from publishing and reading others' posts, then simply click here to start!

No money is needed 

to join steemit.

It's FREE of charge

You can also join our Whatsapp group here so we can know your account (ex: @zahabu) and follow you in order to like what you share and help you to get money.

If you want to chat with us by following all the conversation we've had from the beginning, then join our Telegram group here.

You can also join an international chat of steemians here.

There are People to follow in Rwanda, Uganda, Africa and Beyond. Click here.

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