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Gestoria R. Consult.

Globally & Digitally Experienced Business

Jobs Anytime, Anywhere

The pandemic of Covid19 has proved the world that the Internet is truly not only a fundamental human right but also a must have for every citizen. Now more than ever before, people feel the need to carry out business activities entirely online. We have gathered ideas and we'll be sharing the best opportunities with you to earn incomes, a living and a life for the lucky ones.

Below we will start sharing opportunities so that anyone can try them out on your own. We have tested all of the links we share and anything that proves not to work well with our people, we shall immediately take it down. Contact us for any queries.

Website (to click & join)

Before trading in the complex products offered, please be sure to understand the basics and risks involved.

Exceptional Conditions For Beginners And Expert Traders. Trade On Web, Mobile App Or Mt4. Fixed Spreads, No Hidden Fees

Brave Browser pays for surfing the net;

Use it for 30 days & get up to 300$

This browser will bring people to Bitcoin

Ad Pool Commissions, Pro Customers, Pro Commissions, Marketplace Comms, Travel Commissions, Swag Shop Comms, Job Services Comms, etc.

Wowapp (Browse, Read News, Chat, Work,...)

It's like combining Google, Whatsapp, facebook, skype and many other sites.

Online jobs platform where users can work & hire using digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Surfe be

Different levels of earning

Get paid to Post on TikTok, View Slideshows, Play Games, Install Apps, Complete Captchas, Post on Instagram and/or Answer Surveys.

Follow people or promote yourself/business

Participate in a FREE coin offering up to 600

eProjects (work, refer & earn $25 min.)


Get two people and receive 2x your investment

Earn Bitcoin

Earn free bitcoin every day! 


The products offered via this website include binary options, contracts for difference ("CFDs") and other complex derivatives. 

Trade in the Currency Market (Forex), stock and bond markets. Metals, commodities daily (oil, gas, corn, sugar and coffee) and cryptocurrencies. 200+ Global Markets

It's the fastest & most reliable browser!

No useless adverts!

Brave Browser Pays you to search!

Download the Brave Browser to earn $$

Referrals, tasks, social media posts, video views, downloads, etc.

You will get paid for different levels depending on how much money your network has brought to the company.

Surf the web, read news, chop, make calls, chat, Referrals, tasks, social media posts, video views, downloads, etc.

Create Projects For Verified Workers

Buy, Sell And Trade Crypto

Work on projects as a freelancer

Post projects as an employer

Business, programming, graphics & design, marketing, translation, writing, video, audio,...Invite a friend to join and you can receive up to $100 USD!

Referrals, tasks, social media posts, video views, downloads, etc.

Surveys, clicks, social media posts, video views, app downloads, etc.

Follows, surveys, clicks, social media posts, video views, app downloads, etc.

Get a chance to enter the cryptocurrency business with FREE coins. Click here for more.

Create online content like text, audios or videos and make money out of that!

Get paid to do projects online: surveys, remote work, studies, opinion polls, expert analysis,...

Make money online by investing from $10 to $800. Learn Cryptocurrencies, digital marketing, etc. Binary & Matrix system.

Join & get $1 in bitcoin immediately, fill surveys, review, perform tasks, claim bonus, download apps, play games, refer friends.

Tell a friend to tell a friend!

List to continue growing...

Build a career for a salary from $15, $30, $50 to $400 per hour

Basically, $15 per hour means $30,000 per year; $30 per hour means $30,000 per year; $50 per hour means $100,000 per year; $100 per hour means $200,000 per year, etc.

Do you want a job that pays you over $30,000 a year? Even $100,000 up to $800,000? Then don't go nowhere. The company you've been looking for is here | Questions and Answers About Crossover here.

See what others are saying about the company.

However, you will need to undergo a stiff process especially the exam of aptitude test. We advise you to take some course online and prepare for it. You'll only need about $29 for the training and mock exams. Click to start practicing for the test ($29). For $80, Pay here to prepare.

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